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About Us

About Us: Beauty of Two is based on a simple yet powerful concept – our company, working with yours can deliver measurable business results through more deliberate, creative and impactful marketing. Working together, we make a difference – The Beauty of Two.

The world we live in offers the students and clients you are targeting a bewildering array of choices. The real goal of your marketing program is to make your school or salon the clear and right choice. Breaking through all of the ‘noise’ of the competing options requires an approach that combines web design, social media, print design, email marketing, and targeted marketing campaigns that all work together.

Services Beauty of Two

Beauty of Two focuses exclusively on this industry. We understand the business and we understand the market. What we do not yet know is you. And for that reason, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all marketing package. We get to know you first and then we put together a package of services that best fits who you are and what you are working to become. Together we will deliver on the promise of the Beauty of Two.

Our questions will include these:

What is it that makes your school or salon special?

What are you doing today to attract students and clients that is working well?

What is not working as well as you would like?

How are you measuring the effectiveness of your current marketing programs?

What is your current mix of offline and online marketing? Is this the right mix?

How are you using social media? Do you currently have a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Google+?

What role do Blogs and Email Marketing Campaigns have in your business?

How integrated are your efforts across all of these possible channels of communication with your prospective students and customers?

The program that we will deliver together is one designed to increase your profitability by increasing your revenues at a cost significantly less than hiring all of your resources internally. Your business and our business working together – the Beauty of Two.